Update Highlight

There’s been so much love for the new BFL and nylon base that we’ve been restocking single colours. However the plan was always to have a selection of multi coloured yarns too, and the first batch will be in the shop at 1900 tomorrow.

The shine on this base is amazing, and I’m eyeing up several of these colours for garter stitch shawls.

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Shop Update 25.05.17

This week it’s all about bundles of colour.

Each set of 7 mini skeins gives you 120g and 470m of our BFL and nylon base.

The yarns above will be available from 1900 this evening.

Which colourway is your favourite?

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Update Highlight

Meet the Magnificent Seven.

7 little skeins of our gorgeous BFL and nylon blend giving you a total of 120g and 470m of yarny pleasure.

These little skeins and many more will be in the shop update at 1900 on Thursday 25th May.

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Shop Update 18.05.17

This week we have lots of glorious colour.

Britsock colour wheels are back.

Britsock neutral are back.

We have lots of new colours of self striping sock yarn.

We’ve restocked out screen printed wooden necklaces.

Finally for this week we’ve added some new zipped cotton pouches. We launched these in Edinburgh in March and they sold out fast. The perfect size for a couple of balls of yarn, or all those small but essential things which hide in corners of a bag. We have 5 designs.

The shop update will take place at 1900 this evening – see you then.

Happy shopping


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Update Highlight

There are lots of new things in the update this week, including a restock of the new BFL & nylon which flew out the door last week.

We’ve added mini skein sets in the new base.

Rainbow anyone?

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Self Striping Happiness

After a fair bit of winding there’s lots of new self striping yarn ready or the shop update on Thursday.

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Do you speak knit?

Do you speak knit?

Do you need to make it clear that the yarn on your needles is the only thing stopping you using them to stab people? (Blood is hard to get out of yarn)

What would you decorate with these wooden brooches? I’m thinking that my knitting bag needs at least a couple.

See all of our brooches here.

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