The box of bits we got back from the laser cutter included these.

I had a lovely time yesterday adding jump rings. Then I had a moment of absolute frustration when I realised that the jump rings don’t fit through the chain. That’s easily sorted so these will be full blown necklaces soon.

More tomorrow – including some yarn.

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Make Your Mark

Over the last few weeks I’ve been screen printing onto birch plywood. It’s been interesting – very very different from fabric which is my usual surface. 

The ply then went off to be laser cut. On Friday a box came back in the post and we collected a second batch of bits from a local firm. 

This means we’ll have lots of new things for the update on Thursday – and as we also have glorious wool I thought I’d start showing you things now. 

We printed sheets of ply with rainbows and grellows and had them turned into stitch markers. 

You’ll see that we also had some label tags cut – and you’ll see more of them tomorrow when I show you our latest bags. 

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Shop Update 04.05.17

Yesterday we showed you the new self striping sock colour ways in the new yarn base.

Just in case you missed them (or if you’re still trying to decide which you want most) here they are again.

We also have a beautiful range of single colour yarns in the new BFL and nylon base.

Finally we have some new project bags. Made from repurposed denim, the bags feature a quote from Louise of KnitBritish. Louise is running a Remakery KAL right now – so it’s the perfect chance to remake an old favourite.

The yarns and bags shown above will be in the shop at 1900 this evening. If you’ve signed up for our newsletter make sure you check your email just after 1400 as we have a special treat for you.

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Shop Update Highlight

It feels like far too long since we’ve had self striping 4ply in stock, so this week’s highlight has to be all nine self striping colours in the new yarn base.

Which one is your favourite?

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Introducing Our New Sock Yarn

I’m very excited by our new sock yarn base.

It’s a 75% BFL, 25% nylon blend and the wool has been superwash treated.

The wool is all sourced from UK flocks, before being processed and spun in Yorkshire.

I’ve been looking for a yarn which will wear well for socks and be soft enough to be delightful in shawls. Britsock fits that description, but I know not everyone is a lover of alpaca. So it was time to add a new yarn to the shop. My acid test for wool being non itchy is Bobbie – and she’s described this as beautifully soft. The yarn is spun with a fairly high twist so it’s going to highlight stitch patterns. It’s also a dream to dye. So happiness all round.

Each skein is 100 grams / 395 meters.

The first thing I’ve been playing with are self striping yarns.

The new yarn will make it’s debut in the shop update on Thursday at 1900.

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Join Our Club

May club parcels were sent out at the end of April, and many of them managed to reach their new homes before the bank holiday.

The May pattern has been sent – and Clare Devine has produced a stunning design (yes, as always, but I love this one very very much)

If you’re already a club member you’ll get an invoice for the July clubs later today.

Not a club member? Join us here.

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Update Highlight

It’s an easy choice this week as we’ll have Britsock mini skein sets.

We’ll also have plenty of Britsock neutrals.

The shop update takes place on Thursday at 1900 UK time.

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