A Woolly Love Letter

A little while back I sent off a tiny skein of Wensleydale Shetland 4ply to a lovely blogger, Ericka Eckles.

The review is up – and it’s such a lovely thing that I thought I’d share the link with you so you can read it too.

It’s such a delight when someone really gets a yarn – and the many photos of different shades of green are a real treat too.

It’s always interesting to know what knitters think about different yarns, especially something like the Wensleydale Shetland which is unusual in that it was designed and spun for longevity and strength rather than instant softness. I’m putting together some more little skeins for sampling – so if you have a blog and would like some yarn to review leave me you blog details in the comments. Let me know if you’re going to be at Edinburgh Yarn Festival too, as it would be great to hand yarn over and say hello.

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Shop Update 08.02.17

This week’s update is all about our gorgeous Two Flocks DK. Custom spun for us by the Natural Fibre Company this yarn is made up of fleece from two local flocks. The blend of Poll Dorset and Bluefaced Leicester give it a glorious combination of softness, bounce and shine.

First up we have the next colouway in our collaboration with KnitBritish. We’ll donate £5 to Amnesty International for each skein of this colourway we sell.


Then for the first time you’ll be able to buy the undyed yarn.


Finally there’s a restock of the most popular colours, and a couple of new shades.


The shop update will go live at 1900 this evening, so until then you won’t see the yarns  shown above in the shop.

Happy shopping.


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Update Highlight

It’s February – and that means it’s time for the next colour in our collaboration with KnitBritish dyed onto our gorgeous Two Flocks base.

When Louise started sending me ideas lots of them were food based, and we quickly realised we shared a love of soup. Then we decided that we wanted something orange for February – a good orange.

So here’s the February colourway.


Lentil Soup Gets You Through The Dark Days.

There will be 10 skeins of this – and once it’s gone the colourway won’t be repeated on this base.


Louise and I have been chatting and decided that we’d like to donate £5 from the sale of each of these skeins to Amnesty International.

The yarn will go on sale at 1900 UK time on Thursday 9th February.

Louise has very kindly given me her favourite lentil soup recipe – I’ve included it at the end of this post to make it easier to print off and keep.

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Louise’s Lentil Soup Recipe – perfect for dark days.

Here is a recipe for one of my favourite soups. I say recipe, but soup tends to be “A little bit of this, and a little bit of that” in our house. This is the basic framework for my soup.

Its made with bacon, so not one for veggies…sorry! But you could totally omit it….if you had to.


4 rashers of smoked bacon, or dry cure…your favourite most flavoursome kind

100g lentils

2 pints stock (vegetable or ham)

Onion, chopped

1 lb carrots, sliced (sometimes I do half carrots and half parsnips)

1 tsp paprika

salt and pepper, as you like


Chop your onion finely. Cut up your bacon into small pieces (I use clean kitchen scissors) and fry both bacon and onion in a little oil, in a heavy-based saucepan, for about 4 minutes. Don’t burn your onions!

Add your sliced carrots to the pan. I usually let them sweat for a minute or two with the bacon and onions before adding stock.

Add your lentils, the paprika and your seasoning. Give it a good stir. I hope you are using a nonstick pan, cos you’ll be stirring those lentils off the bottom of the pan constantly, otherwise!

Bring it to the boil, then whack a lid on it and reduce the heat.

There is a big difference between people on how long they cook their soup for; some say only 15 mins and others say an hour. I go for as long as it takes the lentils to cook, which is usually another 30mins, the softer the lentils the more lovely and more flavourful, I think!

To blitz or not to blitz? I like a smooth soup and my husband likes a bit of texture so I tend to use a stick blender but don’t go for the full blending.

Serve with hunks of buttered bread, or as I like, crackers and cheese.

Other serving suggestions

If you have any bacon left grill it to really crispy and crumble it over the top.


Grate a little mature cheddar on the top of the bowl


if you like it a bit hotter, a sprinkle of dried chillies on the top – olé!


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Modern Mini Knits

If you have little people to knit for you need this book. 

12 gorgeous designs from Sarah Hatton

My little only regret about this book is that it goes up to size 18 months – and I’d like to make at least half of the designs for me. 

The patterns all use Rowan DK, but I’m planning something in our Two Flocks yarn. 

Sarah sent me a copy of this book as I’d sent her yarn support for a design – but I’d have handed over my own money in a second. These are the gorgeous up to date designs that you look for when knitting for little ones – they’ll be loved by parents for their modern stylish look, and by knitters for their beautiful patterns. 

You can buy the book direct from Sarah for £12.99. 

Happy knitting. 

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To The Lighthouse

This is the first garment I finished this year – a test knit for Anna Elliott

This is knitted in 4ply Wensleydale Shetland.

Anna is busy putting the final touches to the pattern, so it should be ready soon.



This is one of those lovely patterns that’s very easy to knit – perfect for relaxing tv knitting. The construction is unusual in that the fronts extend round to the back of the neck. The second quirk is that the sleeves are picked up and attached to the body as you work, so there’s very little finishing to do at the end.



This is the kind of thing I’ll wear constantly – so much so that I’ve already made plans to cast on a second version.

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Edinburgh Yarn Festival is less than a month away.

That means that life is full of lists.

Things to dye.

Things to print.

Things to restock (hello badges and stitch markers).

Things to sew.

Samples to finish.

Samples to reblock.

Then my least favourite job – finding all the things on the show checklist which I put in a safe place. A very safe place. Possibly slightly too safe.

We’re well on with show prep, but I’m always conscious that life has a habit of getting in the way, so the next ten days will see us pushing hard to get everything done. Then in theory we can relax for a few days before setting off for the show. Or I can decide that I have time to do something else……..

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Shop Update 02.02.17

This week’s update is all about the Britsock.

First up we have multi coloured yarns.


Then we have printer ink colour wheels.


We have a restock of project bags.



Finally we have copies of WoolTribe 2 – the companion magazine for Edinburgh Yarn Festival.



This includes the pattern for these very gorgeous socks – isn’t Clare Devine clever?

The shop update will go live at 1900 this evening, so until then you won’t see the yarns and bags shown above in the shop.

Happy shopping.



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