Shop Update 17.08.17

First a reminder – if you’d like to win this gorgeous set of sparkly mini skeins you need to order from us by 1800 today.

There’s no new yarn this week – instead we’ve added the 4ply BFL and Masham and self striping DK to the sale shop as there are new and glorious things coming which will need space to love in. Find the sale shop here.

If you’re looking for one of our zipped pouches, we should have blank bags arriving today, so we’re planning to update the shop at 1900 tomorrow.

Happy shopping


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Bags of Fun

We’ve added some new project bags to the shop – find them here.




All purchases made before 1800 on Thursday 17th August will be give you an entry into a draw to win a set of sparkly mini skeins.

Take me to the shop

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Shop Update 10.08.17

Before I tell you what’s in this week’s shop update I’m going to tell you about something you can’t buy.


Sparkly mini skeins in our custom spun BFL, Masham and lurex base.

We’ll be launching this yarn on the 31st of August, so if you’d like to get your hands on this mini skein set before then you can try to win it.

Every purchase made from the shop from 1900 this evening until 1800 on Thursday 17th August will give you an entry into the draw to win this special set of mini skeins.

So – a little more about the yarn. The base yarn is a 4ply or fingering weight with 400m to each 100g skein. Mini skein sets have 480m and 120g in total. The blend is 70% BFL, 23% Masham and 7% lurex.  Both wools are sourced from UK flocks and have been processed in Bradford before being spun for us by Laxtons.

This isn’t a sock yarn.  It’s softly spun to highlight the luxurious feel of the wool. So not socks – but everything else.

The mini skein set would work wonderfully for any of the patterns in Knit The Rainbow.

Knit The Rainbow Cover

So on to the actual update.

We have lots of 4ply BFL and nylon sock yarn ready for the update at 1900.

There are 4 new colours.


There will also be a restock of semi solid shades.

The shop update takes place at 1900 this evening, so until then you won’t be able to see the yarns shown above.

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Update Highlight.

This week we have a much needed update of sock yarn on our BFL and nylon base.

There will be a few skeins of Almost A Rainbow.

Make sure you never miss out on an update by signing up for our free newsletter.

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Shop Update 03.08.17

Somehow it’s August. I have no idea how that happened.

After a loving reception at Fiber East last weekend Britsilk will be available in the shop at 1900 this evening. Here are a few of my favourites.

There are also some beautiful neutrals.

We’ll also have lots of self striping sock yarn. This is dyed onto our BFL and nylon base.

The shop update takes place at 1900 this evening, so you won’t see the yarns above until just before then.

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Introducing Britsilk

Our Britsock blend has a very special place in my heart. It’s the perfect sock yarn. It has strength and bounce. It’s hard wearing, yet lovely next to your skin. Pretty much perfection.

We’ve been talking about having a similar yarn spun, and replacing the nylon. A yarn with a touch more luxury. A yarn which might not need to be quite so hard wearing. A yarn with a little more drape and shine.

Britsilk is a fantastic yarn which has been custom spun for us in the UK by John Arbon – it’s our beautiful Britsock yarn with silk instead of nylon.

Britsock contains 40% British Bluefaced Leicester, 20% British Wensleydale, 20% British Alpaca and 20% silk. Both wools and alpaca come from UK flocks. The wools and alpaca were processed in the UK, and the yarn was spun in Devon.

Britsilk was created for shine and drape. It shows individual stitches and textures beautifully. This yarn wasn’t created with sock in mind – the qualities which encourage it to drape mean it has less bounce and grip than my ideal sock yarn does.

Britsilk isn’t superwash treated, so we’d recommend handwashing to keep it looking it’s best.

Britsilk will be available in semi solid and multi colours.

There’s only one thing wrong with this yarn – and that’s completely my fault. We had an initial batch of 20 kilos spun – and once that’s gone it’s going to be close to the end of the year before we have any more.

Britsilk will make its debut at Fibre East on 29th and 30th of July, and will then go into the shop on Thursday 3rd August. If you’re a newsletter subscriber make sure you check your emails on Thursday at 1400, as we’ll have a special early bird offer for you.

If you’d like to sign up for our free weekly newsletter you can do that here.

Due to limited stock we have a select colour range of Britsilk for now.

This will be available from a shop a week today – so you can start making plans.


Blackened Rainbow


Purple Haze

Almost A Rainbow

Baby rainbow


A Hint of Octarine







Happy planning

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Shop Update 20.07.17

This is our last shop update before Fibre East – and it’s fair to say that mini skein production is in full swing.

When the shop updates at 1900 this evening we’ll have all four printer ink sets back in stock.

We’ve also added two new zip pouch designs.

The shop update takes place at 1900 this evening – see you then.


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