2020 Yarn Clubs – and White Friday

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for the 2020 yarn clubs then time is running out. We close the January clubs on the 1st of December to give us time to get everything dyed, packed and posted to arrive at the start of January.

It’s possible you’re waiting to see if we’ll have some amazing Black Friday deal – and I can promise you that won’t be happening. My inbox seems to be breeding Black Friday deals and so far there’s been nothing that I can’t live very happily without. If there’s something you’ve been considering for a while and this lets you get a better deal on it that’s great – but the offers I’m seeing are mainly shops frantically trying to shift stock that no one has been willing to pay full price for.

For the last couple of years we’ve celebrated White Friday – so everything is full price in the shop and we donate 50% of everything we sell on Friday 29th to charity. This year we’ll be splitting the money between Refuge and the Trussell Trust (who are behind many of the food banks). These are two charities that I wish didn’t exist. I wish we didn’t need them – but we do and they provide essential support.

So if you buy a yarn club between now and the 1st of December we’ll donate 50% of the purchase price to charity.

For any other purchases the 50% donation will apply from 1900 on Thursday (which is when the next shop update goes live) until midnight on Friday 29th November.

You don’t have to do anything like use a code – the donation will be sent on all qualifying orders.

So – the clubs.

There’s the option for mini skeins or big skeins, and the big skein come in semi solid, multi coloured and splodge. If you like to know what you are getting then there’s the option to have a look at the January colours.

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Comfort Knitting

There are days when knitting is about making something – more about the end product than the process of getting there.

Then there are days that what I want is something that’s the perfect blend of engaging yet simple. Knitting that soothes.

Midstream by Anna Maltz is my latest cast on and it’s blissful knitting which ticks both product and process boxes. I’ve wanted this sweater since I first saw the book, and it’s taken a while to decide on the perfect yarn combination. I’m using a combination of DK BFL Masham in silver and Britsock in Geranium (so the swatch isn’t the same colours).

It’s been lovely to pick up Marlisle again and to enjoy the enthusiasm with which Anna approaches each design.

You can buy Marlisle from Anna

You can buy yarn from us

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Sample Sale Part 2

Thank you to everyone who has bought one or more of our show samples. There’s something really lovely about knowing that there will be a lot of woolly warmness being worn rather than stored away.

There are still some samples looking for new homes – here are three of my favourites.

Centre detail of Get to the Point

Simple Steps Shawl in Turquoise and Soft Centres

Close up – the turquoise is a little brighter in real life

Finally a shawl that’s not one of my designs – the latest KAL from WestKnits. I love this and I’m very tempted to keep it – but I know I’ll wear other shawl shapes more and this deserves better than being tucked away on a shelf.

Starflake Shawl

Starflake Shawl

10% of the proceeds from the sample sale are going to Genetic Disorders UK – they’re a brilliant charity and the money will help them do good stuff.

Take me to the sample sale.

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Sample Sale

Over the last few years we’ve built up quite collection of samples. Most of these are for patterns we sell. The samples don’t get worn – after each show they get packed away for the next show.

Fractured Rainbow Cowl in BFL Masham Sparkle

2020 is going to be a little different in that we’re planning to exhibit at fewer shows. Right now the plan is one show – although there’s always the possibility that something else will tempt us. There’s no Edinburgh Yarn Festival in 2020 so it seems like the perfect time to take a step back from the show circuit and work on some other projects.

On The Edge Shawl in Same Difference BFL Mohair

When we moved everything in the workshop recently all of the samples were in one place for the first time – and it’s surprising just how many things there are. We decided it would be great to find new homes for some of them rather than packing them away again. There’s always a limit on what we can take to shows and display, so it’s time for some things to retire.

All of the samples are in great condition – they’ve been handled and tried on at shows, so I’d describe them as very lightly worn. Given this we’ve priced the samples at close to the cost of the yarn. I’m very conscious this puts no value on the time spent knitting, but we’ve recouped these costs through pattern sales so the prices feel fair. It means it’s an economical way to get a hand knit – and perhaps to own something you don’t have the time or skills to make for yourself.

Crochet Linen Stitch Wrap

We’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds from the sample sale to Genetic Disorders UK (they’re the charity behind Jeans for Genes day). This is the charity my lovely friend (and sample knitter extrordinaire) Scully asked us to support earlier in the year and it’s good to know they’ll benefit from this.

There’s only one of each sample so if there’s something you’ve had your eye on at shows then please be aware that once a sample is sold there isn’t another one of them.

The samples are all in the shop now – we decided to list them as one batch rather than bit by bit so you get to see everything that’s available.

take me to the sample sale

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Yarn Club Questions

First a thank you to everyone who has signed up for this years yarn clubs. Given all of the current uncertainty (mostly political) it’s lovely to know that you’re looking forward to new yarn in the new year.

There have been a couple of questions which have come up more than once so I thought I’d pop them on here along with my answers.

If I sign up for a whole year can I change the yarn I receive?


If you’ve chosen the mini skein club then you can swap between yarn bases (there’s only one colour option for each installment so that can’t be changed)

If you’ve chosen the big skein club then you can pick from any of the three colour options on either of the two bases.

Just send us an email at least three weeks before the next installment date and we’ll make the change for you.

We also offer the option to pay for each parcel on an ongoing basis.

When are clubs posted?

Clubs are posted to arrive at the start of January, March, May, July, September and November. We stagger posting dates so parcels with furthest to go leave a week before those going to the UK. We aim to have parcels arrive on the 1st of the month – although international post sometimes takes a little longer than we’d like.

Can I choose my colours?

Sort of! At the moment you have the option of seeing what the January club colours are. At the start of January we’ll open up the March clubs and give you the option of seeing the March colours. You can switch between the three colour options on the big skeins. What we can’t do is dye different yarn for you if you don’t like a colour – but we can make a note and let you know when the next installment is available because you’ll probably like that better.

More questions? Get in touch.

Take me to the clubs

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Duck canvas always feels like a miracle fabric – it’s woven so tightly that it’s water repellent.

That means it makes wonderfully sturdy bags which don’t need layers of syntheyic interfacing to hold their shape.

We’ve added a new print to the range – a multicoloured screen print of our grter stitch design.

There’s a larger version too.

Like all of our bags it’s fully lined, and there are plenty of pockets.

You can find all of our duck canvas bags here – and they make brilliant presents.

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Mini Skeins for Round Your Neck

Mini skeins are great fun for yarn lovers. There’s something blissful about having lots of colours to play with.

I’ve produced several patterns using mini skeins – so it’s fair to say I’m completely converted. Not everyone is though – I get emails every week from people who love the mini skein sets but aren’t quite sure what to do with them.

So without further ado – a few suggestions. These are for shawls and a cowl – I’ll pull together another post for hats, mitts and socks.

I know our mini skein sets work with our patterns – and one pattern which always receives a lot of love at shows is the Simple Steps Shawl. For Yarndale the lovely Scully knitted a sample using the soft centres mini skeins combined with turquoise.

Soft Centres and Turquoise

Simple Steps Shawl

Just for contrast here’s the shawl worked with a Printer Ink mini skein set and a dark contrast.

Simple Steps Shawl

There are lots of other designers working with mini skeins too – here are three I’ve spotted on Ravelry.

Mighty Mini by Rachel Henry. Image Copyright Rachel Henry.

Land of Sweets by Helen Stewart. Image Copyright Helen Stewart

Diagonapples by Anna Maltz Image Copyright Anna Maltz and Thijs groot Wassink

I’ve made a couple of versions of Diagonapples – there’s slightly less yarn in one of our minis skeins than in the yarn used in the design, so I worked two rows less.

What’s your favourite minis skein pattern?

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