Update Highlight

When the first skeins of One Farm Yarn arrived from Laxtons it would be fair to say that I fell in love. Watching skeins emerge from the dye pot is a real treat – this stuff dyed like a dream.

So it was only a matter of time before we played even more with the colours to make mini skein sets.

These sets are 5 x 20 gram skeins – so 100 grams and 400 meters in total. That makes them perfect for colourwork, and they’ll make a lovely shawl.

We have five colourways in tomorrow’s update.


Black Fades


Brown Fades


Blue Fades





Each set costs £20 ( or £16.67 ex VAT).

We’ll be sharing the details about the rest of the yarns in the Thursday update tomorrow.

Find out more about One Farm Yarn here

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2018 – what’s new?

What’s new? Lots of things.

Lots of lovely new things.

Yarn first – we’ll be launching two new yarns in the next couple of months.

The first will be a no nylon sock yarn spun from superwash BFL and mohair. I’ll be blogging more about why we’ve gone for that particular combination soon.

The second new yarn is a retake on Britsilk – we had a batch spun, everyone loved it and the name confused lots of people who thought it should be a sock yarn. It wasn’t. Batch one was spun by the lovely John and Juliet Arbon – and it meant that we used some of our production slots for Britsock.

So batch 2 is different. It won’t be called Britsilk – so there should be less confusion. It’s a wool, alpaca and silk blend which is being spun with shawls and garments in mind. Given this the fiber blend will change a little – instead of adding Wensleydale for strength we’re having extra BFL for an even lovelier handle. We’re having this batch spun by Laxtons in Yorkshire, so we’re thinking of a new name which recognises this.

As we’ve freed up production slots with John Arbon we finally have plenty of Britsock- and that means I can start playing with lots of new colour wheels.

We’ve sold stitch markers for years, and we’ll be adding some new designs to the shop in time for this Thursday’s shop update.

The stitch markers are in sets and come in a handy little tin – perfect for popping in your bag.


Finally for now there will be a new bag design – based on the roll top design and made from waterproof duck canvas. The duck canvas is manufactured in the UK.

Lots of good things.

2018 is going to be a good year.

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January Club Roundup

By now the January clubs should all have arrived (an yes, I’m crossing my fingers and thinking about the Canadian post as I type this)

There are 3 club options for 2018.

The sock club patterns are all designed by Clare Devine. For January we have Bend and Fold.


Sock photo Copyright Clare Devine

These might be my dream socks – I love socks where each sock is different yet they make a perfect pair, and I adore zig zag cables.


The socks are knitted in Lepidolite.

The shawl club pattern for January is another Clare Devine creation – Stratified


Shawl photo Copyright Kate O’Sullivan (A Playful Day)


To keep life easy we’ve used the pattern names for the yarn bundles too – so this is the Stratified mini skein set.

Finally there’s the self striping sock yarn club which is rainbow inspired.


This is Steps of the Rainbow Part 1


If you’ve fallen in love with the January patterns and yarns you’ll be able to buy them from the 1st of April – the patterns will be available direct from Clare Devine.

If you’d like to receive the March clubs you can sign up here.

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On the Needles

Right now I’m knitting something pretty unusual for me. It’s colour work – and while I love a good stripe I’m much less inclined to pick up something which requires more than one colour in a single row. The other odd thing about this project is that it’s not knitted in yarn that I’ve dyed. It’s a Rowan pattern and I tend to find the yarn weights aren’t so standard – so using the correct yarn seemed like a good idea.


The first few rows of the pattern felt awkward – and then it clicked. Turns out I love working with two colours at once so much more than I expected.  I’d enjoy this more if it was all knitted and then steeked, so that’s something to bear in mind when I get this finished and start looking for other projects.


The second thing on the needle is my basic, go anywhere knitting – a garter stitch shawl in two colours of one yarn yarn. This is getting close to finished, and it’s going to need plenty of space to block.


The last thing on my needles right now is the self striping club yarn from January – I’ll post colour pictures of that on Monday as I suspect the post may be a little slower than I’d like to reach some places. If you’d like to sign up for any of the March clubs you can find them here.

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A Few Changes

2018 will see a few changes in how we run the business – and we hope that you’ll like them.

The first change is that we’re moving from updating the shop every week to twice a month. It will mean fewer updates with more things in them, and that feels like a better choice.

Updates will take place on the Thursday before the last Friday in the month (payday for many people) and two weeks before that. This means that the January updates will take place on Thursday 11th and Thursday 25th January.

Sign up for the newsletter to make sure you never miss an update.

The next change is that we’re going to offer free post for larger orders.

Orders over £50 will be sent free in the UK

Orders over £75 will be sent free in Europe

Orders over £100 will be sent free no matter where you live.

We’re always looking for ways in which our business can have less impact on the environment. The final change (for now) is that we’re offering you the chance to have your parcel sent without any additional wrapping. So your yarn will still go into a mailing bag – but if you’d prefer to save on packaging you can ask us not to wrap your purchases in tissue paper – just leave us a note at checkout saying NO EXTRA PACKING. We still need to include an invoice, and these will continue to be printed on recycled paper. In 2018 we’re looking to move our plastic mail bags to bags which are more easily degradable. We’re still weighing up the best options for these and we’ll use up our existing stock of bags first, then you’ll see the new bags appearing.



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January Clubs

The January clubs were all posted at the end of December – just before Christmas for those with the furthest to travel and on Saturday the 30th of December for those staying in the UK.

So parcels should be arriving soon. Very soon. I know there’s no post in Scotland today, so parcels should be delivered tomorrow.

If your club package includes a parcel this will be emailed to you today. Clare Devine should be arriving back home at some point today, so it may be later in the day when patterns reach you.

I’ll post a roundup of what’s in the club parcels next week rather than spoil a surprise.

If you’d like to sign up for the March clubs you can find all of the details here.


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