Joining New Yarns with a Russian Join

A fair few of our shawl designs use a set of mini skeins along with a larger contrast skein. That gives you lots of colour which is wonderful. It also means there are quite a few colour changes to deal with.

The Russian join is my preferred method for joining colours. The joins are secure on all yarns. There’s no overlap between the colours. All of the weaving in of ends is done when the join is made, so once you’ve cast off there’s minimal finishing to do.  If you’re making a shawl like On The Edge you can join all your colours as you wind them up so there’s no need to stop knitting when you come to the end of a mini skein.

You will need a needle that your yarns can be threaded through. If you are joining two singles yarns a sharp pointed needle makes the job easier.

Thread the yarn you’re working with through the needle leaving a 10cm / 4” tail.

Sew through the middle of the yarn for 5cm / 2”, then poke the point of the needle out. Put a finger in the loop you have created and pull the tail through.

Pick up the colour you want to join in. Thread it through the needle, go through the loop you made in the first yarn.

Sew through the middle of the second yarn for 5cm/ 2”. Poke the needle out from the centre of the yarn and pull the tail through.

Take the tail from the first yarn and pull to close the loop.

You can either cut the tails off now or wait until your work is finished and blocked.