2020 Yarn Clubs – and White Friday

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for the 2020 yarn clubs then time is running out. We close the January clubs on the 1st of December to give us time to get everything dyed, packed and posted to arrive at the start of January.

It’s possible you’re waiting to see if we’ll have some amazing Black Friday deal – and I can promise you that won’t be happening. My inbox seems to be breeding Black Friday deals and so far there’s been nothing that I can’t live very happily without. If there’s something you’ve been considering for a while and this lets you get a better deal on it that’s great – but the offers I’m seeing are mainly shops frantically trying to shift stock that no one has been willing to pay full price for.

For the last couple of years we’ve celebrated White Friday – so everything is full price in the shop and we donate 50% of everything we sell on Friday 29th to charity. This year we’ll be splitting the money between Refuge and the Trussell Trust (who are behind many of the food banks). These are two charities that I wish didn’t exist. I wish we didn’t need them – but we do and they provide essential support.

So if you buy a yarn club between now and the 1st of December we’ll donate 50% of the purchase price to charity.

For any other purchases the 50% donation will apply from 1900 on Thursday (which is when the next shop update goes live) until midnight on Friday 29th November.

You don’t have to do anything like use a code – the donation will be sent on all qualifying orders.

So – the clubs.

There’s the option for mini skeins or big skeins, and the big skein come in semi solid, multi coloured and splodge. If you like to know what you are getting then there’s the option to have a look at the January colours.

take me to the clubs

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1 Response to 2020 Yarn Clubs – and White Friday

  1. That’s a much, MUCH better idea than black Friday. I wish more places did that.

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