Splodge Club

Splodge. Less delicate than a speckle or a freckle. More of a tiny hit of colour. Totally adorable.

January splodge in greyscale

It’s always interesting to see which are the most popular options when club sign ups open. This year there’s a lot of love for the splodge option.

Our splodge yarns are designed to have short sections of two or more colours on a background of a semi solid colour. They work beautifully when contrasted with a semi solid yarn – and that’s been one of the most popular club options. The splodge yarns are in that happy area of being solid enough to allow you to focus on texture, yet varied enough to add colour and lift more solid colours.

The splodge option is new for this year and it’s been a delight to plan the 6 six colourways which will make their way into the club parcels.

One thing I hadn’t fully considered was how well the splodge yarn would work with the mini skein sets. I’m very much looking forward to casting on with those two for something with plenty of colourful punch.

Just like last year we’ve made it possible for you to see the January colours before you sign up – just follow the links in the listing and you’ll see the January splodge (and it’s companions) in glorious colour.

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