The 2020 Yarn Clubs

Yesterday I had lots to say about Brexit and how we’re planning on managing whatever happens. Running a business is seldom easy, and often the hardest things are those over which you have no control.

So in to the fun stuff which we can control.

The yarny woolly stuff.

This year we’ve simplified things a little by offering yarn only clubs. That leaves you free to find your own pattern and perhaps match a club yarn with something that’s already in your pattern queue. In turn that means we don’t have a sock or shawl club – just some great colourways.

Last year we tried offering the option to see what the club colours would be and it worked beautifully. There’s nothing worse than opening a parcel and discovering the colour that you’d never choose in a million years. So when you look at the club pages there’s a link which takes you to the club colours.

This year we wanted to play with colourways which went together. There are so many glorious shawl patterns out there that want contrasting colours.

So we have three colour options.

There’s a semi solid yarn. That’s perfect for anything where you want to see stitch pattern more than colour.

There’s a multi coloured yarn. This pairs well with the semi solid colour and would also be brilliant on it’s own for colourful socks or garter stitch shawls.

New this year is the addition of a splodge yarn. I’m already eyeing up a skein of this to pair with the semi solid colour.

The skeins in black and white

We also wanted a mini skein option. There’s something irresistible about those little pops of colour.

The club mini skeins are a set of seven 10 gram skeins – enough for little projects and perfect for adding pops of colour to something larger. The mini skein sets pair well with the the big skeins, so you have lots of options.

In previous years we’ve sold the club yarns at the same price as the yarn in the shop – and for 2020 we’ve decided to try making the clubs a little cheaper. Choose one of our two or three skein bundles and you’ll save a little more.

mini skeins plus a big skein in black and white

The clubs will remain open until the start of December or until they sell out if that happens faster.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

take me to the club yarns

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