Diverse Designers

You might remember that we ran an inclusive design competition a while back, with the aim of having the winning design with us at Yarndale.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control the winning design won’t be ready in time. When it is we’ll be delighted to tell you all about it.

So we wanted to see if we could pull something together quickly – Yarndale is a huge show with thousands of visitors, so it’s a great place to get name s and work in front of people.

We asked designers who belonged to any group that isn’t well represented if they’d like us to include their details on a list that we’d print for the show.

The lovely folk below replied – so if you’re looking for some designers you might now know then please have a look at their work and social media.

All of the designers sell through Ravelry so go to www.ravelry.com/designers/ and then finish the link with the Ravelry name

Designer Ravelry Name Instagram
Kate Barrios kate-barrios @kate.barrios.designs
Julie Robinson Designs julie-robinson-designs @julieatwork
Johnathan C Glover johnathan-c-glover @billyskullknits
Mother of Purl Lauren-mcelroy @motherofpurll1
Spun Nomaditty spun-nomaditty @spunnomadittyco
Ni Folkmann Drost   ni-folkmann-drost @themocktortoise
Trelly Hernández trelly-hernandez @trelly7
Majesta Kwakkel majesta-kwakkel @ateliermajesta

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