Love for Lavanya

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I’m going to be gifting some patterns from Lavanya Patricella

It’s easy to miss things, and this is worth repeating.

So a quick recap.

The latest issue of Laine Magazine contains an interview of Lavanya.

There were issues with the article which included information not meant for publication and which attributed quotes to Lavanya which were not words she said.

I’m linking to Laine – there’s the corrected article which Lavanya wrote and a statement from Lavanya where she explains what was wrong.

So lots of damage has been done. Lavanya has spent substantial time and energy on making corrections and limiting damage. It appears that Laine have done what they can. At the time of writing this Lavanya has not been compensated for her time and work.

EDITED 25.09.19 to include the following update for Lavanya’s Instagram storie

“….Laine Magazine has now paid me their standard freelance fee for editing the article.

Kate has offered to send me what she was paid, I am uncomfortable accepting it and asked her to instead donate it to @nativewellness and @digdeepwater”


What matters most is doing something which helps the person who has been most hurt by this.

So I decided to do some pattern shopping. Lavanya has lots of patterns for things I’d love to knit, so I’m thrilled I now know about her as a designer. I’ve bought Sol Queen and I’m looking forward to getting it on my needles soon.

I’d like to share that love. Please note that entry is via INSTAGRAM ONLY – you can leave comments here but they won’t be entered into the draw.

If you go to my profile on INSTAGRAM there’s a link which will take you to Lavanya’s pattern page. Have a browse. Add things to your wishlist. Make a purchase or two. Then come back and leave me a message ON INSTAGRAM telling me which pattern you’d most like and why.

I’ll pick seven people at 1800UK time on Thursday and I’ll gift their chosen pattern to them.

Then it gets better. Three lovely people have also offered to gift patterns – so in total we’ll have fifteen patterns to give away. There’s a bit more about that on Instagram too.

Come and say hello on Instagram, pick your favourite pattern and show Lavanya some love.

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