So Long Same Difference

Same Difference Yarn

You might remember that we’re coming to the end of our stock of BFL Mohair yarn. I love this yarn – it’s touch enough for socks yet beautifully gentle next to your skin. I’ve stashed enough for a jumper. Because the base is custom spun that means we need to commit to another 100 kilos of it to get it spun again, and we’re trying to move away from yarns which we need to buy in such bulk, especially when it’s a base that’s a little more niche (but Britsock is staying because we sell so much of that)

That means that it’s time for the Same difference sets to find new homes.

Same Difference yarns are something we dye which I haven’t seen anywhere else. You get two 50 gram skeins in each set. Both skeins are dyed with the same colours, but there’s more of one colour on each skein. So the copper and turquoise set has one skein with mainly turquoise and one skein with manly copper. I love these sets for socks that look like they know each other rather than match perfectly. The two skeins also look brilliant in garter stitch shawls – you’ll see the change form skein to skein but it’s quite subtle.

The Same Difference yarns are now in the shop with 25% off – so £15 per set instead of £20.

Take me to the Same Difference Yarns

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