Shop Update 12.09.19

It’s not very often that I’m tempted by a KAL. There are always plenty of things waiting in my queue of things I want to make.

However I’m very tempted by the 10th anniversary KAL by Stephen West – Starflake.

Here’s what Stephen says

” I designed this year’s shawl to feature two colors for a high contrast graphic design. I recommend choosing two colors that have a high contrast to see the crisp lines and details of the shawl. The shawl will be equally beautiful with a lower contrast if you prefer a softer, more subtle effect. Use solid, semi-solid, or lightly speckled yarns. I would avoid heavily speckled or variegated yarns for this design as they may obscure the design details. “

The design calls for two colours, and it struck me we had enough of our discontinued Britsock colours to make up some kits and offer those at a 20% discount – so £64 instead of £80. That also means that UK customers get free postage.

Acid Yellow and Grellow
Moss and Violet
Brown and Copper

You can find all of the Britsock sets here

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