November Yarn Clubs

This year has flown past – I can’t quite believe that we’re now taking orders for the last installment of the 2019 yarn clubs.

Usually we’d be posting these parcels so they arrived as close to the 1st of November as possible. There’s a lot of uncertainty around Brexit and as many of our clubs go to customers in EU countries we’re aiming to post at least a week earlier so that all parcels should have cleared customs before the deadline for the UK leaving the EU.

At the moment there seems to be no clear information about what will happen to parcels in transit, so we’re looking to minimise problems by posting early.

I’m also aware that things are moving fast, and there are legal challenges to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, so things may change. So all I can say right now is that we’re as organised as possible, and we’ll do our absolute best to prevent any problems that we can control.

So – yarn clubs.

There are three options.

Sock club gives you the choice of a soft or loud colourway based on icecream colours plus a pattern from Clare Devine.

You can find out more and see what the November colours are here.

Next up is shawl club – 100g of a main colour and 20g of a contrast on or gorgeous 4ply BFL Masham base, plus a shawl design from Clare Devine.

You can find out more and see the November shawl club colours here

Finally we have a mini skein club which gives you five 20g skeins so you end up with a collection of colours which were designed to work together.

See the November mini skein club colours here

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