Shop Update 08.08.19


It’s been back to work for me this week, and I’ve been dyeing the September clubs. Once those are packed up it’s time to start dyeing for Yarndale. 

This week there’s something a little different. We often get asked if we’ll print our designs on t-shirts, and until now we’ve been reluctant to do that as weren’t able to find t-shirts which were organic cotton, ethically made and available in the range of sizes we wanted to offer.


After lots of searching we found a brand called EarthPositive and bought some samples. I’ve been wearing these for the last few weeks and they’ve been through the washing machine several times. They still look like new. So we’ve ordered t-shirts and the first batch were printed this week.

One thing we’ve found is that as t-shirts get bigger across the chest they also get longer. That’s not true for people. So if you’d like your t-shirt to be shorter we can take care of that for you at no extra cost. 


I’ve found the t-shirts a perfect length for wearing over jeans and I’m 5’7″ – but if I wanted a t-shirt to tuck in I’d want to take away some length. 

The t-shirts are £18 each (or £15 if you don’t live in the UK or EU). We can post a t-shirt for £1.50 in the UK. 

T-shirt sizes

You’ll find the t-shirts in the shop now, and clicking on the photos will take you straight to the right place. It’s back to yarn next week and a very much needed restock of the BFL nylon sock yarn.

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