Self Striping Sock Yarn

As our sale lasts until 30th December I thought I’d highlight a few treasures that you might want to try at 20% less than the usual price. To get your discount use code BOXING20 and you’ll save 20% on everything you buy.

Our self striping sock yarn is a special thing. The yarn was custom spun for us from a blend of superwash BFL and mohair. This gives a hard wearing sock yarn with no nylon.

Making self striping sock yarn is a bit of a faff in many ways. When our yarn arrives from the mill it’s in skeins that are about 120cm (or 4 feet) when you measure round them. For self striping sock yarn you need more than that length for each colour so the first thing we do is rewind the skeins into much bigger skeins. Then each skein goes through two or four dye baths (skeins with bold stripes have two colours, everything else has four). Then the yarn is allowed to dry before being hand wound into yarn cakes.

All of this extra time means that our self striping sock yarn usually costs £26 a skein – so the 20% discount makes each skein £20.80 instead.

On the shop page you can see how each colourway knits up, so you can choose the perfect colourway for you.

Take me to the shop

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