2019 Clubs are Available Now

The 2019 clubs are now in the shop. There will be six installments of each club, posted to arrive for the start of January, March, May, July, September and November.

There are three choices.

Sock Club


Sock club gives you a skein of sock yarn and a pattern by Clare Devine.

The club colours are based round gelato (yum), and there’s an extra bright option for those of you who love their yarn loud.

Choose between 4ply BFL and nylon, 4ply Britsock and 4ply BFL and mohair.

Shawl Club


Shawl club gives you 120g of yarn and a pattern by Clare Devine.

The club colours are solids, and you’ll receive 100 g of the main colour and 20g of contrast.

Shawl club is available on our 4ply BFL Masham base.

Mini Skein Club


Mini skein gives you 5 x 20 g skeins in toning colours. There’s no pattern option with this, however we’ll add suggestions for you just in case your pattern queue doesn’t have anything suitable.

Choose between 4ply Britsock, 4ply BFL Masham and DK Masham

January clubs will remain on sale until 30th November or until the clubs sell out.

Take me to the clubs.


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