2019 Shawl Club

I’m already looking forward to the 2019 shawl club. Clare Devine will be designing all six shawls for us and the focus will be on shape. For me that’s a change to knit something other than triangles!

The colours for the 2019 club will be simpler than for this year – so each shawl club will give you 100 grams of a semi solid colour and 20 grams of a contrasting semi solid colour. That’s 120 grams and 480 meters in total, and I think that offers lots of options.

For 2019 we’re using a pure wool base – our 4ply Blue Faced Leicester and Masham.

I love this yarn. In it’s natural state it’s a soft warm silver colour, and it dyes up beautifully. Neither wool has been super wash treated, so it’s one to hand wash (and it’s not for socks!)  – but it’s the most perfect shawl yarn as it has lots of loft which gives you warmth. Feeling how cold it’s been these last few mornings makes me think that I’m going to appreciate warm things a lot over the coming months.

I love pure wool yarns, and this blend is gorgeously soft – at the moment I’m knitting a jumper in the DK weight of this and it’s going to be a pleasure to have it next to my skin.

We’ll be using this blend in the mini skein club too, so if lots of colour is your thing then make sure you take a look at those.

The 2019 clubs go on sale at 1000 on 1st November and will close on 30th November or when they sell out – whichever comes first.

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