2019 Clubs

The last sacks of 2018 clubs are ready to be posted on Wednesday – and that means that on Thursday we’ll open sign ups for the 2019 clubs.

Some things are going to stay the same – the sock club will feature another six amazing designs by Clare Devine.  For 2019 Clare has chosen to focus on easy to memorise patterns which will be perfect for the travelling knitter (and for knitters like me who seem to watch a lot of tv with subtitles). When Clare and I started chatting about colour themes we both felt that we wanted to go with something a little softer than usual, and we’ll be taking inspiration for Gelato. Please don’t worry if you’re a fan of our brighter colours as we’ll be offering a bright oprion too (and the two yarns will work beautifully together)

The sock club will be available in both BFL nylon and Britsock bases – and for the first time we’re going to add a non nylon base too.

For the 2019 shawl club we’re going to be exploring shapes – and I’m thrilled that Clare Devine has agreed to design all six club shawls. The shawl club will be dyed on our delicious BFL Masham base – I don’t feel that shawls need to be superwash or contain nylon, so it’s the perfect chance to go for pure wool. Each club will give you 100 grams of the main colour and 20 grams of a contrast.

The last club that we’re going to offer for 2019 is mini skeins. Big mini skeins of 20 grams each, supplied in a set of five beautiful tones. As these will work for shawls and socks (and hats, mitts, and as additions to bigger projects) we’re going to offer the mini skein club in two bases – 4ply BFL Masham and 4ply Britsock. We get asked for DK mini skeins a lot so we’re also going to offer the mini skein club on our DK BFL and Masham base.

So lots of options. All of our bases are spun from wool with is grown, processed and spun in the UK, so it’s a truly British selection.

As always you’ll be able to sign up for a full year (six parcels), choose to be invoiced on a parcel by parcel basis or buy a single month.

So what’s changing in 2019?

Until now we’ve always kept the club colours a secret until they arrive with you. That’s great if what you want is a surprise, but it’s not how I choose to shop. I’d sooner get to pick something I really love, or to decide not to have something if it’s not to my taste. So in 2019 we’re going to offer the option of seeing the club colourway before you sign up. We’ll do this be creating a hidden page on the website, so if you’d prefer a surprise then that’s still completely possible. We’ll only be revealing the colours for the coming month, so if you sign up for the full year you’re guaranteed surprises (and we think you’ll love them)

The other big change for 2019 is that the club colours and patterns will be available to everyone a month after they are posted for the clubs. It means that all of the 2019 patterns will be released in 2019, and it makes my life a little simpler.

I’ll be posting more about the sock club tomorrow. I’ll talk about the bases which will be available and why I love them for socks.


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