Flower Power Fund Yarn

I’m sure that many of you already know about the Flower Power Fund – a brilliant initiative to raise funds for Marie Curie.

Each month a different dyer produces a special flower based yarn and part of the money from each skein sold goes to Marie Curie.

We’re thrilled to be the dyers for June.

The plant I’ve chosen to use as inspiration is Sempervivum which I know as Hen and Chicks.

Image result for sempervivum

We wanted a yarn which picked up the gorgeous silver shades, so we’ve chosen our BFL and Masham sparkle yarn.


This yarn was custom spun for us in Yorkshire and as always both wool come from UK flocks.

Each skein is 100g and 400m, and costs £20 with £4 from each skein going to Marie Curie.

Take me to the yarn

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2 Responses to Flower Power Fund Yarn

  1. Helen says:

    Love the yarn color. But your label for the link to the store cracked me up. Kind of like “Take me to the Yarn and no one will get hurt.”

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