Edinburgh Yarn Festival


We’re thrilled that we’ll be exhibiting at Edinburgh Yarn festival in 6 weeks time.

Advance tickets have sold out, so please check the website for details about buying tickets on the door.

We’re launching our new BFL and mohair sock yarn on the website next week, and we’re dyeing plenty of that to take to Edinburgh.

We’ll also be launching a brand new yarn – perfect if you love the luxury that a bit of silk adds to wool. More on that soon.

Also in the more details soon category is a collaboration with the lovely Robynn of Studio Miranda – so lots of good things.

Six weeks to go means that my to do list could be descried as epic – so I’m off to put yarn into dye pots and prepare screens for screen printing.


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1 Response to Edinburgh Yarn Festival

  1. erickaeckles says:

    wheee so excited, can’t wiat to meet you and Bobbie and help encourage everyone to buy some of your beautiful skeins xx

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