2018 knitting plans

Over the last couple of weeks it’s struck me that I have a selection of scarves, cowls, hats and shawls that I’ve knitted. I have one sweater, and one cardigan.

In part that’s because my knitting time is often spent making samples for shows, and they become mine to wear after they’ve been fondled to death (or subjected to torture with a nail file as one customer tried recently to check if the scarf she was interested in was hard wearing.)

The other reason I make fewer sweaters is that my working wardrobe gets trashed. Dyes, inks and cleaning up after laser cutting mean that I often come home wearing something which needs to be machine washable.

At the moment I’m making a cardigan for someone else – and it’s reminded me that I like colour work more than I think (although I will be very glad when I finish the sleeves and stop having to add n a new colour on every single row)

And then I want to make at least 3 things for me.

It’s turned out to be quite easy to make a long list.

I bought a copy of Bristol Ivy’s Knitting Outside the Box from Fluph.

Let’s just say that the only tricky part is going to be choosing what to make.

Anna Maltz is publishing a new book soon – Marlisle – and I know it’s going to be a treasure trove of things I want.

And finally my lovely tech editor Robynn Weldon is working on a new design using our DK BFL and Masham – and the sketches look amazing.

So I’m pretty much sorted in that nice way of being spoiled for choice.

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2 Responses to 2018 knitting plans

  1. Sharon says:

    I know what you mean, Joy. I always have a sock WIP going as ‘background’ knitting – for when travelling or watching TV. That way I have socks for me and DH and to give to family members who appreciate such things.

    I have several hand knit cardigans in various weights of yarn which see me through the year. I knitted them a few years back, had to darn an elbow on one the other day. I have sharp elbows! But over the past year I’ve been losing weight. A lot. Consequently even the cardigan which was a tad on the snug size (pattern said it had negative ease anyhow) is getting a bit loose. The larger cardigans hang on me.

    So I’ve lined up a few patterns, and stashed yarn. Now I’m waiting for the last bit to go (only 3 stone! I was very overweight) so I can start on the new lot. Ah well, better dig out the jumper for Niece which went into hiatus when it got so hot back in August. Now, can I remember where I was in the pattern?

  2. Liz says:

    I am constantly getting drawn in to making things for others (all my own choosing of course), and like you, need to remind myself to knit things for me/my home etc every now and again. I also have Bristol Ivy’s book, which is utterly marvellous – my first thought on flicking through it was ‘OMG I’m going to be making Every. Single. Project.’ – no possibility of selecting only one or two!!

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