Update Highlight

When the first skeins of One Farm Yarn arrived from Laxtons it would be fair to say that I fell in love. Watching skeins emerge from the dye pot is a real treat – this stuff dyed like a dream.

So it was only a matter of time before we played even more with the colours to make mini skein sets.

These sets are 5 x 20 gram skeins – so 100 grams and 400 meters in total. That makes them perfect for colourwork, and they’ll make a lovely shawl.

We have five colourways in tomorrow’s update.


Black Fades


Brown Fades


Blue Fades





Each set costs £20 ( or £16.67 ex VAT).

We’ll be sharing the details about the rest of the yarns in the Thursday update tomorrow.

Find out more about One Farm Yarn here

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2 Responses to Update Highlight

  1. Sharon says:

    The green skeins look lovely, but we don’t get paid until next week!

    BTW – I’m looking for a Notions pouch which will accommodate 15-20cm dpns but also has a clear ‘window’. I expect I could make one using gauze/organza for the ‘window’, but that doesn’t really go with dpns, specially sock-knitting diameter dpns.

    Any ideas?

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