On the Needles

Right now I’m knitting something pretty unusual for me. It’s colour work – and while I love a good stripe I’m much less inclined to pick up something which requires more than one colour in a single row. The other odd thing about this project is that it’s not knitted in yarn that I’ve dyed. It’s a Rowan pattern and I tend to find the yarn weights aren’t so standard – so using the correct yarn seemed like a good idea.


The first few rows of the pattern felt awkward – and then it clicked. Turns out I love working with two colours at once so much more than I expected.  I’d enjoy this more if it was all knitted and then steeked, so that’s something to bear in mind when I get this finished and start looking for other projects.


The second thing on the needle is my basic, go anywhere knitting – a garter stitch shawl in two colours of one yarn yarn. This is getting close to finished, and it’s going to need plenty of space to block.


The last thing on my needles right now is the self striping club yarn from January – I’ll post colour pictures of that on Monday as I suspect the post may be a little slower than I’d like to reach some places. If you’d like to sign up for any of the March clubs you can find them here.

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2 Responses to On the Needles

  1. erickaeckles says:

    I think the thought of one day doing colourwork has been a real inspiration to me with my knitting, it’s been like a woolly carrot dangling in front of me, to keep on persevering even when I’ve made right daft silly mistakes…hoping to use the mini skeins from you for a colourwork yoke which I think will just glow with colour, might not be traditional but it will make me smile….

  2. Sharon says:

    I knitted socks for friends from your ‘Mean Mr Mustard’ (men’s size 9) and ‘Gold Tones’ (women’s size 6) sock yarns.

    I had enough of each left, with a ball of toning yarn for the toes/heels/cuffs, to knit a pair of socks for my husband for Christmas (men’s size 9). I’d send you a photo, but bad light at this time of year.

    In fact I’ve still some left over of both colours for another project (what?), and have managed to finally wash the excess yellow dyes from my ‘knitting fingers’ – from the Gold Tones. No longer look as if I smoke 60-a-day!

    So thank you. Happy New Year.

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