A Few Changes

2018 will see a few changes in how we run the business – and we hope that you’ll like them.

The first change is that we’re moving from updating the shop every week to twice a month. It will mean fewer updates with more things in them, and that feels like a better choice.

Updates will take place on the Thursday before the last Friday in the month (payday for many people) and two weeks before that. This means that the January updates will take place on Thursday 11th and Thursday 25th January.

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The next change is that we’re going to offer free post for larger orders.

Orders over £50 will be sent free in the UK

Orders over £75 will be sent free in Europe

Orders over £100 will be sent free no matter where you live.

We’re always looking for ways in which our business can have less impact on the environment. The final change (for now) is that we’re offering you the chance to have your parcel sent without any additional wrapping. So your yarn will still go into a mailing bag – but if you’d prefer to save on packaging you can ask us not to wrap your purchases in tissue paper – just leave us a note at checkout saying NO EXTRA PACKING. We still need to include an invoice, and these will continue to be printed on recycled paper. In 2018 we’re looking to move our plastic mail bags to bags which are more easily degradable. We’re still weighing up the best options for these and we’ll use up our existing stock of bags first, then you’ll see the new bags appearing.



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2 Responses to A Few Changes

  1. DIANE GRANT says:

    For paper parcels too big to go through letterbox it would be helpful to have label stating not to get wet – parcel deliverers sometimes leave them outside in rain

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