Shop Update 16.11.17

This week we’re adding something new to the shop – notions pouches.


The Perfect Notions Pouch is made of  heavy cotton canvas and closes with a zip. The zip is decorated with a laser cut tag made from birch wood.

These pouches are made in a Fair Trade factory in India. They’re screen printed with our original designs in Harrogate . We use water base eco friendly ink, and heat press our prints so the pouches retain their good looks.

Your pouch will contain

A retractable tape measure marked in both centimeters and inches

2 large needles ideal for sewing up projects and darning in ends

A pair of Merchant & Mills baby bow scissors

6 bulb pin stitch markers (5 black, one shiny nickel)

Each pouch is approximately 22cm / 8.75in long and 13cm / 5.25in high

Care for your bag by spot cleaning or hand washing it with warm water and mild detergent, and allowing it to dry naturally.


Each notion pouch and contents costs £15 (£12.50 ex VAT) and you can find them here.


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