2018 Sock Club

This year sock club will be better than ever.

The lovely Clare Devine has come up with a truly brilliant idea.

Here’s Clare.

The start of something new for The Knitting Goddess / Knitsharelove sock club

Introducing – Twins …

Do you often find yourself struggling with second sock syndrome or yearning to start something new as you muddle you way through the second sock? 

Twins could be your answer. These socks are not identical twins but rather fraternal twins – both socks have their own distinct personality but they have been developed from the same concept. 

Meaning you get to knit two different patterns but end up with one beautiful pair of socks. 

Don’t fancy mis-matched socks? No problem, you can either pick your favourite sock and knit it twice to make a pair, or better still make two matching pairs and double the sock knitting fun. 

How will it work?

Each pair of socks will have two versions – sometimes the differences will be subtle, at other times you will have two distinctively different socks. However the socks will be always designed to go together – each will have design elements that bring them together as a pair. Each pair will also be designed with gauge in mind so they fit well too.

As always there will be a mix of heel styles and directions over the course of the year. “

We’ve also got some gorgeous colours lined up for you. The club will be based round stones – so think of all the colours you can find in layers of rock and you’ll see we had a beautiful palette to play with.

You’ll be able to sign up for the sock club (plus the shawl club and self striping sock club) on the 1st of November.

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