2018 Clubs

The last of the 2017 clubs are on their way – so it’s time to start thinking about 2018.

Club sign ups will open on the 1st of November.

We’re offering three clubs this year.

Our sock club is based round stones, geology and the like. Clare Devine will be designing another 6 knitted sock patterns, and she’ll have more to say about that very soon.

The sock club yarns will be semi solids, and you can choose from BFL and nylon or Britsock.

Then there’s the self striping sock club. This will be based on Rainbows. Bits of rainbows. Variations on rainbows. Maybe even a whole rainbow. Again you’ll be able to choose from BFL and nylon or Britsock.

Finally something new for us – a shawl club. We love dyeing mini skeins. We love knitted shawls. So we wanted to put the two together. Shawl club will give you 7 mini skeins in our BFL and nylon base with 120g / 470m in total. We have 6 amazing designers too.

Our 2018 shawl designers are

Clare Devine

Catherine Djimramadji

Louise Tillbrook

Anna Elliott

Julie Dubreux

Robynn Weldon

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