Introducing Our New Sock Yarn

I’m very excited by our new sock yarn base.

It’s a 75% BFL, 25% nylon blend and the wool has been superwash treated.

The wool is all sourced from UK flocks, before being processed and spun in Yorkshire.

I’ve been looking for a yarn which will wear well for socks and be soft enough to be delightful in shawls. Britsock fits that description, but I know not everyone is a lover of alpaca. So it was time to add a new yarn to the shop. My acid test for wool being non itchy is Bobbie – and she’s described this as beautifully soft. The yarn is spun with a fairly high twist so it’s going to highlight stitch patterns. It’s also a dream to dye. So happiness all round.

Each skein is 100 grams / 395 meters.

The first thing I’ve been playing with are self striping yarns.

The new yarn will make it’s debut in the shop update on Thursday at 1900.

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