Love Wins

On the whole I tend to think of knitting as a peaceful activity. Soothing. Calming. There are exceptions – usually when something goes wrong – but that’s thankfully rare.


I decided that I wanted to make time for some mindful knitting this year.


So I’ve wound up  a rainbow of sock of sock yarn, and I’m going to start making little hearts. I want to remember that there are lots of good things in the world, and lots of amazing people who make it that way.


Rainbow hearts seems like a good way to go. I’d like to make 100 of these over the year. 100 moments of remembering and celebrating the good, and considering what I can do to make things better.


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2 Responses to Love Wins

  1. Sharon says:

    Good idea, knitting something to remind you of all the good times and good things. Though I think maybe I’d knit something that was also useful. Unless, of course, I had lots of bits of yarn leftover which couldn’t be used for other projects.

    Love the colours you’ve chosen.

  2. Thanks for your comment – it’s interesting that you don’t see this as useful knitting. I’d argue that anything promoting good mental health is very useful – perhaps even more so for me than another pair of socks!

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