On The Needles

First up, an off the needles moment.

I’ve just finished To The Lighthouse by Anna Elliott.


Knitted in 4ply Wensleydale and Shetland this is going to see a lot of wear. I love the shaping in this – and the clever construction means you don’t have to sew the sleeves in. I’m already considering colours for version number 2. We’re horribly low on stock of this yarn right now , but the good news is that the Thursday update will see 20 colours added to the shop.

I’ll get photos of this sorted out over the next day or so.


Next up are my vanilla round and round socks in self striping In The Navy. This was the January song club yarn. March clubs are now open, so you can sign up here. I’m not in a huge hurry to finish this sock – I like to have a plain sock on the go for car knitting, so this will get done over the next few weeks.


I’m about to cast on the other January club yarn – Circling Red. This is for a design by Clare Devine called Falling Circles.


I’m also about to cast on for another brioche stitch cowl. This time I’ll be using a combination of mini skeins and a semi solid.

Happy knitting.



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