Charity Giving 2017

2017 will see us continue to give to charity.

It’s one of the things about the business that we’re proud of.

2016 was a challenging year for lots of people in lots of different ways – and 2017 shows every sign of being the same.

So in 2017 here’s what we’ll be doing.

We’ll be supporting Stonewall  in two ways. We’ll continue to donate  50% of the sale price of every skein of self striping DK we sell. We’ll also be producing some special project bags during the year and will donate  of the 50% of the sale price.

We’ll be supporting Refuge by donating 25% of the proceeds of everything that is in the sale section of the shop. Right now that means that buying a skein of Britsock helps a great cause.

We’ll be printing up some special project bags to help fund raise for my lovely friend Brenda who is working with a group who help provide vets and homes for cats and dogs in Egypt. Brenda runs the Strictly Come Dancing sweep every year in the Knitting Goddess ravelry group, so this is our way of saying thanks.

Finally, if you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll receive a discount code each week. If you’d prefer to pass the saving on to Stonewall or Refuge leave a note in the comments section and we’ll make the donation for you.


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