A Moment of Meaning

On Friday morning I went to visit Claire and her mum Brenda.

Claire is my friend who keeps Poll Dorset sheep.

I’m always happy to go and visit, in part because they have an adorable kitten, and time spend with a kitten is always good.

This time I got to take something special.



Very special wool.

This is our pure Yorkshire wool. We’ll be adding this to the shop in January.


It’s 50% Poll Dorset from Claire’s flock (Fourways Dorsets) and 50% Bluedfaced Leicester from the Riggmoor Reindeer flock. So calling it Two Flocks yarn seemed right.

It was lovely to sit with Claire and Brenda and watch them squish the yarn. To pick the skein up again and again. To watch them marvel at how soft the yarn is. To hear Brenda say that she couldn’t wait to start knitting.


There’s some sadness too. Claire’s dad, David, died 18 months ago, and the flock was his. She’s done an amazing job of taking the flock on. She’d have loved to have put the skein of yarn into his hands.

I never got to meet David. He sounds like the loveliest of people, a gentle man. I heard about how he and Brenda went to look at the sheep which became the start of the Fourways Dorset flock when Brenda was expecting Claire. I learned that they used to keep Masham sheep which were great climbers, and how he liked the gentle nature of the Poll Dorsets.

He’d have been proud of his daughter, and her determination to do something better than sell fleece to the wool board.

It wasn’t a morning for photos, for instagram, twitter and facebook.

It was a morning for just being there, and enjoying the moment.





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3 Responses to A Moment of Meaning

  1. Catherine (Africandaffodil) says:

    How wonderful! What a special yarn this is. Can’t wait!

  2. Ruth Minter says:

    I have some lovely fleeces from my “Norland” flock of Whitefaced Woodland ewes, if you would be interested. I’m not sure where you are based

    • Hi Ruth, we’re based in Harrogate. I’m not looking for any additional fleece at the moment – but I’m more than happy to point you in the direction of the company who processed the fleece for us. Let me know if I can help with that.

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