A New Yarn

I’m thrilled to be adding a new yarn base to the shop tomorrow.

Our latest 4ply is 75% BF and 25% Masham, and gives 100g / 400m per skein. It’s lovely stuff which has masses of bounce.

My samples for the soft ruffle shawl used this yarn and tomorrow we’ll be launching kits – so 100 grams of undyed yarn and 20g of contrast colour.


Masham sheep thrive in Yorkshire. Here’s what the Masham sheep breeders association has to say.

“Mashams have been bred for over a century on the hills of Northern England. They are the progeny of a Teeswater ram out of either a Dalebred or a Swaledale ewe both of which are well known for their hardiness and thriftiness”

There’s something charming about the idea of a thrifty sheep.


The Masham fleece gives a sift silver colout to the blend – delightful on it’s own and a dream to dye.

Both wools in this blend come from UK flocks. The yarn is processed and spun in Yorkshire. Perfect woolly wool.



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