2017 Clubs -Song


Our multicoloured yarns for 2017 will be inspired by something I see every morning when I’m having breakfast.


Image copyright We Are Dorothy

I first saw the stunning colour wheel prints from We Are Dorothy when we were about to move to Harrogate. They were in a gallery which was shut. So as a housewarming present to ourselves we ordered a print from We Are Dorothy and it cheers up the kitchen.

The print we chose was The Colour of Song – and I’m currently working out where The Colour of Books print will live.

The six multicoloured club colours will be inspired by six song titles from our print, and each skein will be dyed with four colours.

The yarns will be available in both variegated and self striping options.

To help you start planning I thought I’d list Song club prices here. All prices include postage, and are for yarn only.

<strong>UK (prices include VAT)</strong>

Sock yarn 100g  £17.50 per month or £99.75 for the full year

Self striping sock yarn 100g £24.00 per month or £136.80 for the full year

Britsock 100g  £20.50 per month or £116.85 for the full year

Self striping Britsock  100g £27.00 per month or £153.90 for the full year

Postage to Europe costs and extra £1 a month / £6 a year .

Postage to the rest of the world costs an extra £2 a month / £12 a year.

If you live outside the EU then we don’t need to charge VAT on your order, so you can discount the prices shown above by 20%.

Tomorrow the clubs will be available to buy from 2000 UK time. Make sure you’ve signed up to receive our newsletter so you don’t miss out on this.

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