2017 Clubs – Circle

Yesterday I shared the great news that Clare Devine will be designing the six patterns for our 2017 sock club. Here’s Clare.


a design collaboration between

Clare Devine from Knit Share Love and Joy from The Knitting Goddess.

From ancient cultures to the modern day fun fair, these designs draw on inspiration from a range of diverse sources. When Joy approached me with her colour inspiration I instantly fell in love with the idea and couldn’t wait to get started with the design process. After lots of sketching I knew I wanted to embrace the circle without restricting myself to a single inspiration source.

Every two months in 2017 you will be treated to a gorgeous shaded colourway and a sock pattern inspired by colour, shape and construction.

I love to play with sock construction and each design will experiment with different ways of creating socks that fit you and are a joy to knit. Over the course of the year we will explore top down and toe up styles and a range of heel and toe constructions.

The Circle collection will feature:

  • Bold striking designs that are a joy to knit.
  • Clear, easy to follow patterns.
  • At least two heel options included with each design.
  • Fully charted designs where appropriate.
  • Every chart will be accompanied by full written instructions.
  • Helpful tutorials to guide you through new or unusual techniques.

Lots of amazing things to come.

To help you start planning I thought I’d list Circle club prices here. All prices include postage

UK (prices include VAT)

Sock yarn 100g plus pattern £21.50 per month or £ 122.55 for the full year

Sock yarn 100g no pattern £17.50 per month or £99.75 for the full year

Britsock 100g plus pattern £24.50 per month or £139.65 for the full year

Britsock 100g no pattern £20.50 per month or £116.85 for the full year


Postage to Europe costs and extra £1 a month / £6 a year .

Postage to the rest of the world costs an extra £2 a month / £12 a year.

If you live outside the EU then we don’t need to charge VAT on your order, so you can discount the prices shown above by 20%.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing our inspiration for the multicoloured club colours.

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