2017 Yarn Clubs

The November club parcels are ready to go, and will be posted out later this week if they’re going abroad and on Monday 31st October for UK customers.

That means it’s time to let you know what we have in store for 2017.

The 2017 cubs will go on sale on Thursday 27th October, and will remain open throughout November or until they sell out.

Over the last few years the clubs have grown a lot, and we decided that we wanted to make 2017 a little more manageable. To do that we’ve limited the number of options available, so it’s a little easier to choose.

Sending out parcels every other month worked well, so in 2017 parcels will again be sent to arrive in early January, March, May, July, September and November. Patterns will be emailed, and will also be available through your Ravelry library if you are a Ravelry member.

I’m delighted that Clare Devine of Knit Share Love will be designing sock patterns for us again using 6 specially designed colours. 2016 was the first year that we worked with Clare, and there was so much love and enthusiasm for her designs that I’m thrilled we’re going to get to do it all again. I’ll share more details about what Clare and I have planned tomorrow.

The multicoloured yarn club will be based round song titles – and again I’ll be sharing more of the inspiration for that later in the week. We’ll be offering the same colours in a self striping sock option too.

In 2017 we’ll have two British yarn bases to choose from.

Our British wool and nylon yarn is 75% wool from UK flocks and 25% nylon. The wool is processed in the UK before being spun in Yorkshire. Our Britsock base will have 40% UK BFL, 20% UK Wensleydale, 20% UK alpaca and 20% nylon. The wools has been processed in the UK before being spun in Devon. So whichever base you choose you’ll know that the wool in your yarn has been grown, processed, spun and dyed in the UK.

When clubs go on sale you’ll be able to choose between paying for the whole year in one go (this will save you 5%), paying for parcels one at a time or trying a single instalment. If you’d like someone to arrange a club membership as a present for you that’s easy to do, as they just need to give us the address yarn should be posted to, and an email address if you’re having a club with a pattern.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more details about what you can expect from the sock club with Clare.


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