The Design Trust & Dream Plan Do

Kickstarter is an amazing platform which allows all sorts of businesses to fund all kinds of projects. From book launches to new homes for yarn shops there’s a chance to invest in something that appeals to you.

The latest thing that I’ve chosen to back is the Dream Plan Do planner from the Design Trust. Created by Patricia van den Akker the workbook and wall planner seem like the perfect way to pull my business plans for 2017 together into one tidy place. Anyone who knows me will laugh at the idea of that tidiness, as controlled chaos is much more my style.


Over the summer I’ve been working with Patricia and doing the Get Clients Now course. It’s fair to say that it’s been a bit of an eye opener in terms of realising what I should be doing. Ultimately it’s stripped a lot of the things from my to do list, so I have the luxury of feeling I’m getting more done while actually having my evenings back. Bliss.

Dream Plan Do is what I’ll be using to keep the way of working I learned over the summer going. I love the idea of having something split month by month. It seems more manageable and  it stops me thinking “well that’s done now, I can forget about it and move on”


So why am I blogging about this instead of talking about wool or showing you photos of out of focus insects?

I think it’s a great project. I’d love to see it get funded (and that looks pretty certain given that the kickstarter is more than 2/3 funded in less than 2 days).

My social media feeds are well populated with creative people who are finding it tough going. There’s no doubt that being your own boss and wearing 17 different hats before lunch can be brutally hard. I suspect that I’m not the only person who was making it way harder than it needed to be. Dream Plan Do seems like a very workable solution that deserves to be shared.

Clicking on any of the links for Dream Plan Do will take you to the kickstarter page so you can find out more. If you decide that this is for you I get a small commission – but I’d have been more than happy to talk about this project anyway because it’s something I’ll use.


Images used with permission from The Design Trust, taken by Yeshen Venema.



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