Buy a Bag, Help a Cat

Buy a bag, help a cat!!

As some of you know the lovely gingerpuddy (as Brenda is better known) has been fundraising to help cats in Egypt who need urgent medical care.

As a thankyou to her for organising the Strictly sweep I’ve made some cat themed project bags.


These small project bags are 23 cm tall, 28cm wide at the top, 18cm wide at the base and 10cm deep at the base. They easily will hold 3 100 gram skeins of yarn.

Now the fun bit.

I could sell these through the shop, but then I have to pay VAT on the sales. Or I can donate the bags to Brenda and let her sell them. This means that every penny goes to the fundraising pot.

There will be 10 of these bags for now – and I’m saying for now as it’s possible I’ll use the design to fund raise again, so I don’t want to say these are limited edition. As of Monday night I’ve sewn one, so I’d expect to be ready to post all 10 bags out on Thursday.

If you’d like a bag please let Brenda know via this thread on ravelry. She’ll send you payment instructions, and will ask for a delivery name and address. These details will be passed to me and on Thursday I’ll post your bag to you.

Prices including postage are

To the UK – £26
To Europe £27.50
To the rest of the world £28.30

I’m donating this lot of postage to the fundraising pot.

Many thanks



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2 Responses to Buy a Bag, Help a Cat

  1. Caty says:

    Any handy link to get to the spot to buy these? Go Brenda!

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