Shop Update 07.07.16

Somehow this week’s update seems to have grown like crazy.

First up a restock of the project bags made from our screen printed fat quarters. These sold out quickly last week, so please don’t miss your favourite this week.





Buy now

Next, a new to us way of dyeing yarns which gives a wonderful freckled effect. Each skein is different, so each skein is individually numbered rather than being part of a batch.


IMG_6383 IMG_6389 IMG_6403 IMG_6409 IMG_6419

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Finally for this week a new take on colour wheels which give you 4 different tints (that’s dark to light) in each of 3 colours. Each mini skein has 40 meters of yarn, so sets have 120 grams and 480 meters of colour in total.



Blues – Buy now


Greens – Buy now


Grellows – Buy now


Stone – Buy now


Peacock – Buy now

The bags and yarns are ready to buy now – just click on the links. We’ll get orders out as quickly as possible for your bag and any yarn you choose to fill it with could be with you for the weekend.

Happy shopping



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