Shop Update 30.06.16

Last week we added a free tutorial on making a project bag to the blog. It’s been well used, which is lovely, and we’ve restocked the toggle and ribbon kits a couple of times.

We’ve also had several emails from people who would really like a bag, but who don’t sew.

So this week we have ready made project bags for you. Each bag is £25 including VAT (or £20.83 if you’re outside the EU)


The bags are ready to buy now – just click on the link. We’ll get orders out as quickly as possible for your bag and any yarn you choose to fill it with could be with you for the weekend.

Bag 1 – buy it now

Bag 2 – buy it now

Bag 3 – buy it now

Bag 4 – buy it now

Bag 5 – buy it now

Bag 6 – buy it now

Bag 7 – buy it now

Bag 8 – buy it now

Bag 9 – buy it now

Bag 10 – buy it now

Bag 11 – buy it now

Happy shopping.


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