Casting On

Along with about 90% of my twitter feed, last week I was delighted to receive my copy of The Book of Haps.

There are several designs which I’m keen to knit, but after much deliberation I’ve settle on Houlland by Donna Smith

The pattern is worked in lace weight, and I wanted to see how it would turn out in 4ply Wensleydale Shetland. As it’s a tightly spun yarn it feels comparatively thin.


The shawl starts by working a long border, and after several repeats I got into the swing of what was happening and stopped looking at the pattern.

The next stage is to pick up over 300 stitches along the straight edge of the border.


I’m using the scrap ends of Diagonapples version 2 to mark every 25 stitches.

I’m hoping the shawl will use less than 2 skeins or 800 meters of yarn. although I’m using a slightly thicker yarn than specified I’ve kept the needle size the same.

I love shawls like this which start with a border, then lots of stitches which get fewer. So I’m a long way from the end, but I know that every other row will have fewer stitches.

Happy knitting indeed.


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