Shop Update 09.06.16

This week’s shop update is all about our gorgeous 4ply Wensleydale and Shetland wool. Custom spun for us by the Natural Fibre Company this yarn is from UK flocks and has been processed, spun and dyed in the UK.

 photo IMG_5406_zps7606foaf.jpg

Black – buy it now

 photo IMG_5409_zpsmtejugfa.jpg

Blue – buy it now

 photo IMG_5411_zps0qdxx4xw.jpg

Brick – buy it now

 photo IMG_5404_zpsjj1xgdm6.jpg

Caramel – buy it now

 photo IMG_5413_zpsmomhsf5a.jpg

Charcoal – buy it now

 photo IMG_5415_zpsah0nrtxz.jpg

Chocolate – buy now

 photo IMG_5417_zpsvkyehlio.jpg

Copper – buy now

 photo IMG_5419_zpscqwq1bnz.jpg

Gold – buy now

 photo IMG_5421_zpsavgskxmo.jpg

Gunmetal – buy now

 photo IMG_5423_zpsrfo7a19n.jpg

Jade – buy now

 photo IMG_5425_zpszk0pt10r.jpg

Lime – buy now

 photo IMG_5427_zpsrjg539nv.jpg

Navy – buy now

 photo IMG_5429_zpsemfb1znl.jpg

Olive – buy now

 photo IMG_5431_zpsyruwup5f.jpg

Raspberry – buy now

 photo IMG_5433_zpspdgs9gpm.jpg

Red – buy now

 photo IMG_5435_zpswfivejap.jpg

Silver – buy now

 photo IMG_5439_zpsxtiadbdg.jpg

Teal – buy now

 photo IMG_5437_zpsyublqsex.jpg

Turquoise – buy now

 photo IMG_5441_zpsi8jdulql.jpg

Violet – buy now
Shop now and your yarn could be with you for the weekend.

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Happy shopping

Joy and Bobbie

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