From Sheep to Yarn – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I had an email asking if I was interested in a fleece.

Having chatted with Claire who owns a small flock of Poll Dorset sheep it turned out that I was actually interested in all 14 fleeces.

You can find Claire on facebook and instagram.

There’s been lots of excited chatting with The Natural Fibre Company.

Plans have been hatched – and there’s a Yorkshire yarn in the pipeline which should be ready for Yarndale.

Today was shearing day for Claire’s flock, and as they’re only a few minutes from us we went to watch.






I’m thrilled with how gorgeous the fleece is, and it will be heading off to Cornwall later this week.

There are some amazing plans in hand for this yarn, including some special colourways being developed in conjunction with someone who adores British wool.

So watch this space. Good things are coming.



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6 Responses to From Sheep to Yarn – Part 1

  1. Ruth Newton says:

    Will you be taking orders for the finished yarn? The sheep are gorgeous
    Have fun with the fleece
    Best wishes

  2. Many thanks Ruth. The finished yarn will be available in the shop after Yarndale – we’re having a decent run done so there will be enough to last for a while. The sheep are gorgeous – they’re very relaxed about being round people so there was lots of fleece fondling going on.

  3. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth says:

    I do love a nce Dorset wool.

  4. Susan' says:

    Oh yes, I’ll take all 14 LOL what great fun!!

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