Shop Update 26.05.16

First in this week’s shop update are limited edition project bags which we designed, printed and made for Leeds Wool Festival.

 photo IMG_4927_zpsieado8pa.jpg

Printed onto a gorgeous wool fabric, each bag is printed with a design combining the Armley Mills logo and yarn. Lots of yarn.

 photo IMG_5088_zpsudxjgybq.jpg

The bags are fully lined.

 photo IMG_5089_zpsp9j10lzm.jpg

There’s even a special print on the lining with vibrant green ink.

Only 20 of these bags have been made, and all proceeds from them (apart from VAT which needs to go to HMRC) will go to Armley Mills.

10 bags will come to Leeds Wool Festival and 10 are available to buy now.

The other part of this week’s update is a much needed restock of 4ply British wool and nylon.

 photo IMG_5100_zpsoka4qvac.jpg
Bollywood – buy now

 photo IMG_5111_zpspcvuskxw.jpg

Petal – buy now

 photo IMG_5113_zpsq9yke900.jpg

Indian Summer – buy now

 photo IMG_5104_zpsnic1fwsk.jpg

Flower Power – buy now

 photo IMG_5109_zpsfvyml5ys.jpg

Salsa – buy now

 photo IMG_5107_zpsfdm79q2r.jpg

Harebell – buy now

 photo IMG_5125_zpsxj38w24b.jpg

Violet Meadow – buy now

 photo IMG_5102_zpsr4isauh9.jpg

Lichen – buy now

Shop now and your yarn could be with you for the weekend.

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Happy shopping

Joy and Bobbie

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4 Responses to Shop Update 26.05.16

  1. Liz says:

    Such beautiful yarn! I am trying to have a year of knitting through my stash, but you make it very difficult to stick to such a resolution…. 🙂

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