The Shortlist

We’ve been running a competition with Louise Scollay who hosts the Knit British podcast.

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Louise and I set a challenge to design a colourway.

“To be in with a chance of winning you must get creative! Post a picture, a quote, a poem, describe a scene or an object and tell us the colours which it speaks or evokes to you. The colours from an inspiration source are not always as depicted in our mind, or are evoked in the same way.

You could win your colours painted on this lonely last skein of Wensleydale and Shetland 4ply – a yarn so lustrous and with such character and texture. Joy has only dyed these skeins in semi/solids and so the winner will truly have a unique, bespoke skein of yarn”

The competition closed last Friday and I’ve been left with the tricky but enjoyable task of picking a winner.

Both Louise and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered. There was such a glorious range of suggestions that I narrowed things down to short list and then slept on my final decision.

In order to make things as fair as possible, I started by asking Bobbie to copy all of the photos and words  out of the thread so I didn’t know who each entry belonged to.

Then I pondered a lot.

There were some images which were glorious but which needed really clear colours to show them off – so dyeing onto a silver base wouldn’t have done them justice.

There were two photos of the same butterfly (or more likely the same species).

There was lots of silver and yellow – and I loved all of these but I couldn’t come to a decision about a firm favourite out of them.

I have made a decision. Louise will announce the winner in her next podcast.

Until then we felt it would be fun to share the shortlist with you. I’ll talk a little about why I was especially drawn to these entries. These are in the order they were posted, so please don’t take that as any indication of what my favourite was.

My first short list entry was words rather than a picture.

Dark brown is the river,
Golden is the sand,
It flows along forever,
With trees on either hand
Green leaves a-floating
Castles of the foam
Boats of mine a-boating…
Where will all come home?

I love the mix between some very clear colours and other things which you’re left free to imagine. There’s also something intriguing about brown water rather than blue, even though the sand is golden.

My next short list entry was a picture with a wonderful description.

ws carpet

I love the range of soft colours and how they pop against the dark background. The background is also very lovely, and I’m especially taken with the stripe of green about a third of the way from the top.

The next short list entry is another picture.

ws pool

I was very taken with all the shades of yellow in this, and how beautiful the section here the yellow and green meet is. I like that this isn’t an instantly ‘beautiful’ photo, and in some ways it looks quite odd and toxic (although I know it’s not) – and in spite of that the colours are stunning.

My next short list entry is the complete opposite of the photo above – it’s nature looking very natural.

ws stone

Again I’m especially drawn to the edges where the colours meet and  mix. The dark section on the right of the photo is what makes this palette stand out for me – enough contrast to be interesting without being overwhelming.

My next choice is a very pretty one.

ws pink

I love the colours – but what really makes this wok for me is the texture and the way it breaks the bands of colours up.

Next onto the (not very) short list is one of my favourite flowers.

ws bluebell

I love how the colour of the flowers shifts as they move through the photo, and the suggestion of bark on the path makes the blue and green pop.

My last short list entry is more words. Words that would delight any dyer.

“imagine the ‘nameless colours’ ‘colours you’d like to see, but one was puce, or perhaps more like Crimson, but not purpleish’ I love my mind they ( the strange things) are Crimson and with darkness in there…but no purple of course.”

Once again thank you to everyone who entered. It’s been wonderful to see so many fantastic suggestions, and I’m sure we’ll look to run something like this again.








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