Shop Update 19.05.16

This week’s update is all about Britsock.

The yarns shown below are now in the shop, and clicking on the links will take you straight to them.

Britsock colour wheels

 photo IMG_4911_zpserrw714r.jpg

From Gold towards Pink

 photo IMG_4916_zps9ydzljcq.jpg

From Pink towards Turquoise

 photo IMG_4914_zpsbxozb63u.jpg

From Turquoise towards Gold

 photo IMG_4921_zpsyikb5u0b.jpg

All three sets together

Semi solid Britsock

 photo IMG_4928_zpsvhy6r0qj.jpg

Palest Cream

 photo IMG_4946_zpslnsdl115.jpg


 photo IMG_4930_zpsqd3yayez.jpg


 photo IMG_4937_zpslasckimb.jpg


 photo IMG_4932_zpsvx7m07ee.jpg

Antique Silver

 photo IMG_4933_zpsh5qrsgou.jpg


 photo IMG_4941_zpszoiuepd5.jpg


 photo IMG_4954_zpsrcqgtdab.jpg


 photo IMG_4962_zpsbwpjl3az.jpg

Pea pod

 photo IMG_4964_zpseqvw9kja.jpg

Dog Rose

 photo IMG_4966_zpssh5p5qgw.jpg


 photo IMG_4959_zpswkbrslgi.jpg


 photo IMG_4939_zpslloyv0ud.jpg

Blackened Orange

 photo IMG_4943_zpsfe3xirz5.jpg

Copper Red

Shop now and your yarn could be with you for the weekend.

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Happy shopping

Joy & Bobbie

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