Leeds Wool Festival

Leeds Wool Festival takes place on Saturday 4th June. There are still some early bird tickets available and you can buy them here.

When there was widespread flooding at the start of the year Armley Mills was badly hit. It’s a great venue which is used by lots of local groups. It felt like it would be nice to do something to help raise some money for them.

So we’ve been printing.

We’ll have a limited edition run of 20 bags for sale. Apart from the money I need to give to the VAT man all other proceeds will be donated to Armley Mills.

I had a lovely time with the design for this as I was lucky enough to be allowed to play with the museum logo.

Here’s the print.


We found the gorgeous wool fabric in Dewsbury, and snapped up everything that was left on the roll. That means I still have some of this to play with.

So far I have a pile of printed panels which have been heat set and interfaced, so over the next few days I’ll be spending a fair bit of quality time with the sewing machine.

Once I have a finished bag to photograph I’ll add the bags to the shop and we’ll take preorders. Bags can be collected at the festival, or will be posted on Friday 3rd June.

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