No Nylon Socks

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the #nonylonsockskal being run by Joeli  of Joeli Creates.

I’ve finished my socks which are knit in a 100% wool Wensleydale and Shetland blend.


I promise I’ve knitted a pair of socks.

I was interested to see how this yarn felt as a sock yarn – that wasn’t what I had in mind when I commissioned it.

I loved knitting with this yarn. Although it has quite a rustic feel in the skein, when you’re handling a single strand at a time it feels very different. Much softer. Warmer even.

The halo from the Shetland yarn encourages the stitches to space out on knitting needles, and I found myself reaching for a fifth dpn when I’d picked up stitches for the gusset. I think this is going to be a real delight for more open knitting, especially lace. I’m looking forward to experimenting with larger needles to see what works best.

The final fabric isn’t quite as dense as it would be if I’d used Britsock. I’d expected that as the Wensleydale Shetland is finer. 2mm dpns (my ususal size) and 64 stitches gave me the same size of sock as Britsock would.


In the closeup you can see that there’s a little bit of space between the stitches. The socks haven’t been blocked yet, so there are a fair few uneven stitches on show for now.

My guess is that these are going to be very warm socks because of the amount of air which the Shetland halo will trap. I’d expect a small degree of felting over time due to a combination of warmth and friction.

So for this week these are my workshop socks. In spite of the heatwave it’s unlikely to be so warm in the workshop that woollen socks aren’t wanted.

I’ll report back once I’ve worn these socks. I’m hopeful that they’ll turn out to be a very good thing indeed.


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2 Responses to No Nylon Socks

  1. Jeny says:

    I’ve also knitted a pair of socks in this, using the magenta I picked up at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I’d second all your comments about the yarn texture and fibre – I used my usual 2.25 mm needles, and could probably have gone down a size. A strand of Britsock feels much thicker by comparison.
    Having worn them already, I can attest to their warmth, and after an intial inspection I’m expecting a little felting after the next wear or 2!

    • It’s interesting isn’t it? If my socks wear ok I think I’d stick with the 2mm needles. After 3 days in the workshop there’s no felting on them – and my feet have been noticeably cosier. I think the Britsock is a lot bouncier – and while you get that from the Shetland in the new blend because it’s only 15% of the total it forms more of a halo than a thicker yarn. Let me know how your socks wear – I have such high hopes for mine now I’ve worn them for a few days.

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