Shop Update 06.05.16

This week is all about masses of colour.

For a long time we sold sock yarn mini skeins in sets of seven. It worked if you wanted several bits of colour to add to a project. If you wanted to knit socks you had to be quite careful about how much of each colour you used. If you wanted to make a shawl or scarf you needed more yarn.

The other thing that I wanted to do was have more colours in a set.

So mini skein sets will now have 12 x 10 g skeins in our 4ply British wool and nylon base. That gives you 120 g and 480 m of yarn per set. Plenty for socks. Plenty for scarves and shawl.

Lots more fun.

We’ve started the mini skein sets with a couple of colour wheels.

 photo IMG_4656_zpsd2kfm2c9.jpg

Printer Ink Colour Wheel – Hues

 photo IMG_4647_zpsallmmxoq.jpg

Printer Ink Colour Wheel – Shades

We also wanted the option of a really big colour wheel – so we’ve dyed up a 36 shade colour wheel and split it into three sets.

 photo IMG_4664_zpsnsdtwzll.jpg

Pink towards Turquoise

 photo IMG_4665_zpsukhwwjcw.jpg

Turquoise towards Gold

 photo IMG_4667_zpsgazdf38x.jpg

Gold towards Pink

I love the idea of a big project with all three sets, or a more subtle project using just one.

Finally for this week, a couple of sets based on a single colour. We’ll be adding more colours to this range, so let me know what you’d like to see.

 photo IMG_4662_zps6ingqzqn.jpg

Shades of Turquoise

 photo IMG_4658_zpsxicdluql.jpg

Shades of Grey

Each mini skein set has 12 different colours, gives you 120g and 480 m of yarn and costs £20.50 including VAT.

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The shop will open at 1900 on Friday 6th of April.

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2 Responses to Shop Update 06.05.16

  1. woollythinker says:

    I literally, honest to gods want it ALL. That never happens. Wow.

  2. Thank you so much. That means a huge amount coming from you.

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