Shop Update 29.04.16

This week we have masses of colour on our gorgeous Britsock base. These are all variegated colours, so won’t knit up into clearly defined stripes.

 photo IMG_4298_zpsrquxs8me.jpg

Scooby Doo

 photo IMG_4300_zpsn6r97ipg.jpg

Sweet Pea

 photo IMG_4302_zpsq0evzost.jpg

Almost A Rainbow

 photo IMG_4304_zpsvkzptu0d.jpg

Chocolate Box

 photo IMG_4306_zpsgwpctjjy.jpg

Flower Power

 photo IMG_4308_zps90a9pkik.jpg


 photo IMG_4310_zpskcginou2.jpg

Liquorice and Blackcurrant

 photo IMG_4312_zpsyhyxldo0.jpg

Blushing Penguin

 photo IMG_4314_zpsgzkzp5ec.jpg

Caramel Violet

The other new thing this week isn’t yarn.

 photo IMG_4317_zpsigxz2rax.jpg

I’ve always wanted to have a range of notebooks for the shop. Being able to screen print means we can offer you beautiful and original designs on recycled covers.

 photo IMG_4323_zpsiowfqxk6.jpg

It means we can use heavy 100 gram cartridge paper for the pages.

It means the loveliness of hand sewn notebooks.

 photo IMG_4316_zpsqbw8eo4d.jpg

Our first batch of notebooks are A6 size (10.5cm by 15cm) and contain 48 pages (that’s 24 sheets of paper)

There are five designs.

 photo IMG_4326_zpsqlmtnqbf.jpg

 photo IMG_4331_zpsvg3pd5po.jpg

 photo IMG_4327_zps7jtkxxcu.jpg

 photo IMG_4328_zpsstnmtp79.jpg

 photo IMG_4333_zpsqzhgtpec.jpg

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The shop will open at 1900 on Friday 29th of April

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