Take A Note

It’s National Stationery Week.

There are very few things I can think of that everyone loves, but I can’t name a single person who doesn’t adore stationery.

Most of us have embraced digital technology, but there’s still something about putting pen to paper that’s so much better than tapping a screen.

My day starts with a mug of tea, a pen and paper. Having fifteen minutes to jot down anything and everything is a great way to clear my head and focus.

Next up, more paper. I use a filofax planner, and all my to do stuff, appointments and plans go in there. It’s the one thing I’d be completely lost without. I find it’s useful to be able to schedule in time to do things like work on the website or research new yarns. So stuff which wouldn’t fall into a daily to do list doesn’t get missed. A quick look at that lets me know if I need to be anywhere other than the workshop, or if there’s anything that needs to be done before I head off to turn dye pots on.

Then it’s more paper for the to do list which will come to the workshop with me. That tells me what I’m dyeing or printing that day. As that’s the only stuff on that list it’s easy to work through, as there isn’t a lot of time spent wondering what job to do next. I’ve found the best way to make this work for me is to have a list of things which need to get done over the week, and to allocate a chunk of that to each day.

I don’t go anywhere without a little notebook – it’s my space to jot down anything that occurs to me during the day, phone messages, ideas – anything. It’s something I don’t mind picking up when my hands have dye on them or if I’m in the middle of screen printing. Unlike my phone it doesn’t matter if my notebook gets dropped, gets put in a puddle of water or encounters some other terrible fate.

Long live pen and paper.

I’d love to know what you use to organise your life.

Happy stationery week.

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One Response to Take A Note

  1. Thanks for a lovely blog. My life revolves around notebooks and lists! All normally A5. My diary, which is always in my bag or I wouldn’t know where I was supposed to be; an A4 master notepad at work with the headline jobs, a daily notepad for that day’s work; at home notebooks for knitting & crochet notes, for creative writing, for noting exercise taken and food eaten (used only when I’m having a bad time with my innards!), for keeping a note of the dog’s symptoms (ditto) and for keeping track of Christmas (that’s a special gold covered one). And an all purpose one I make lists of housework we need to do and write note to my husband in! I love technology but I also love writing!

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