Shop Update 08.04.16

There’s a small but select shop update this week. Dyeing time has been somewhat limited as we’ve been making changes to the shop because we’re now VAT registered. I’m very glad that we’re all sorted out and to celebrate there’s a chance to win one of our scrap balls. Full details are here.

We’ve also wound up the last few scrap balls we had prepared.






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The yarns above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 8th April

Happy shopping


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2 Responses to Shop Update 08.04.16

  1. Sharon says:

    Congratulations, Joy, on making a product of leftovers! I’m sure all knitters have lots of leftover bits and pieces that they could make into ‘scrap balls’ for themselves, they just wouldn’t have the wonderful colours you produce.

    Just one question – how do you join your yarn scraps so that the joins aren’t obvious to the sock wearer?

    • You’ve got a couple of options – you can use Russian joins so you sew the ends together, or you could knit a single stitch with the end of one yarn and the start of another, then catch on the ends as you knit.

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