And We’re Back

As is so often the way of these things, the bits of sorting out the website for VAT that I’d been dreading were nice and simple.

All of the prices shown in the shop include VAT at 20%. If you’re shopping from outside the EU the VAT will automatically be taken off once you tell us where the order is going. You can do this from the basket which will appear on the left hand side of your screen as soon as you select your first item.

Just what I wanted.

Apart from one detail which should be sorted out fairly soon.

For some reason the people behind the software for the website have decided that the Channel Islands are classed as UK. That’s fine for post purposes, but it makes a difference as the Channel Islands aren’t part of the EU. If this affects you please go ahead and order, and I’ll refund the VAT to you. I’m assured that this is being fixed, so fingers crossed it won’t be a problem for long.

As I needed to edit every item in the shop, it seemed like a good time to make our postage system fairer. Until now we’ve offered postage at a flat rate, no matter how large or small your order. What that’s meant is that customers making smaller orders were paying too much postage and I wanted to put that right.

UK postage is easy. Parcels will cost £3.35 We’ve added the option to have tiny parcels (less than 100 grams) posted for £1, so stocking up on stitch markers and pins from Merchant and Mills is cheaper.

For parcels going outside the UK postage will be charged based on weight.

Europe – airmail

Parcels up to and including 100g – £2.60

Parcels up to and including 250g – £4.20

Parcels up to and including 500g – £5.70

Parcels over 500g – £7.00

Rest of the world – airmail

Parcels up to and including 100g – £3.45

Parcels up to and including 250g – £5.70

Parcels up to and including 500g – £8.70

Parcels over 500g – £11.40

Post prices have just gone up, so I’m delighted that we can post up to 250 grams of yarn for a fair bit less than our old postage rates. Flat rates were set at the cost of posting up to 500 grams of yarn, as most orders contained 3 or 4 skeins of yarn. Parcels over 500 grams will be charged at the rate for up to 750 grams no matter how large they are. So we’ll continue to subsidise the largest orders while making things cheaper for customers who want to order less. You’ll be able to see the actual postage due on your order in the basket at the side of the screen – again, just let us know where the order is going to get the right information for your order.

As always, any questions or queries – please let me know.

Finally for now a reminder that we’re celebrating our new labels by giving away a scrap ball. You can find out more and enter here.

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